Arjen invests in people and companies every day, mainly in Europe and the Middle East. Arjen works with talented and passionate people, either in a role as investor, advisor, coach, or mentor. Arjen graduated in law and tax law and completed his master’s and postmaster’s degrees in the Netherlands and at Harvard Business School. Arjen started his career at several top international law firms and was an international partner for many years at EY (Ernst & Young). With over 24 years of experience as a trusted boardroom advisor, Arjen has seen almost every business challenge in different industries and many countries. M&A and fast-growing companies have always been a passion. Arjen is trained as a leadership coach according to the International Coach Federation standards. Furthermore, Arjen is a certified Intercultural Intelligence (ICI) expert of Knowledgeworkx. Arjen specializes in working with teams with very diverse business and cultural backgrounds. In his role as EY family business leader EY, Arjen also is adept at handling succession challenges and the complex dynamics between family and business. The transition and integration of corporate cultures after a succession or merger is one of his specialties. Arjen provides advice and coaching on M&A, Governance, Strategy, Leadership, and Cultural diversity. Arjen also invests in people and companies in both Europe and the Central East. A condition for his investments is, in addition to profitability, above all making a difference through a sustainable approach to both the market and the workforce. Sustainable relationships with customers are central. Sustainable experiences that last a lifetime for the workforce are equally important to him. Arjen is specialized in navigating through the (company) cultural diversity avoiding known pitfalls and making the most of cultural diversity is achieved, both in the markets and in our teams. Furthermore, Arjen is a supervisory director/non-exec board member of companies in various sectors, both in Europe and the Middle East, with an emphasis on strategy, governance,  board effectiveness, taxes and mergers and acquisitions.

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