Roy van der Meer was born in the US and raised in the Netherlands. Roy obtained his HAVO diploma at Minkema College in Woerden. After HAVO Roy started with the PABO. He soon noticed that the education system was too outdated to make a serious and meaningful contribution. Quitting the PABO was the deciding factor to start his first company. Roy’s first company was called Prominer. Prominer built and sold cryptocurrency mining rigs. At the end of 2018 Roy closed Prominer. In October 2018 Roy attended the exclusive Quantum Leap Advantage(QLA) Seminar. The QLA seminar is taught by Dan Peña at Guthrie Castle. Dan Pena is former Chairman and CEO of Great Western Resources Inc. In the QLA seminar Roy learned all about consolidating industries from his mentor Dan Pena. Roy is the Founder of Bulwark Holdings.
He has put together a team of highly experienced specialists to advise him on all aspects of Bulwark’s operations.

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